TRATEL64 Download MAC Game Full Version

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TRATEL64 Download MAC

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Prepare for an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before… TRATEL64 (spell it in all caps) is a comedy game that’s stylized like a fever dream! Watch Tratel go from 0 to 64 over the course of an afternoon (in real time that amounts to 2-3 hours).

A WILD ADVENTURE– Slice, Snipe, Stab, and Shoot your way through 64 insane targets! Experience the insane (or eccentric if you prefer) personalities of a truly twisted world!

A WIDE ARRAY OF SECRETS – From small little details to short minigames, there’s a fair amount of secrets to find in TRATEL64. This game will reward (and rarely punish) those who want to dig deeper.

VULGARITIES GALORE – This is more of a notice of the status of the cleanliness of the entire game, expect many swears, curses, or whatever you feel like they should be called.

Title: TRATEL64 Download MAC
Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
Developer: UWILMOD
Publisher: UWILMOD
Release Date: 2017

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