Odyssey VR – The Deep Space Expedition Download MAC Game Full Version

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Odyssey VR – The Deep Space Expedition Download MAC

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Odyssey VR is a story driven space adventure single/multiplayer game that you can play on Desktop or in Virtual Reality (VR). The actual gameplay is approximately 20 minutes in duration and allows the player (the explorer) to experience different tasks in a spaceship. The tasks include locating and handling different tools and protecting the spaceship from asteroid fields. At the end of the game, the explorer can review their performance and improve their personal or social score by playing again. The game is multi-modal and allows explorers to learn interesting facts about space through narrative.

A maximum of three players per game can experience a post-apocalyptic world after the Earth became unable to sustain life. Be a crew member of a large space station inhabited by a group of scientists in search of a new home. The scientists hope to preserve parts of the Earth’s biodiversity in isolated ecosystem bubbles connected to the station. You must protect the ecosystem bubbles, because they carry the last remaining plants and animals from Earth. Travel through space and look for the answers, because humanity is counting on you.

The game works both in desktop and Virtual Reality using HTC VIVE. There is an in-game option to switch between the two versions. The game is fully functional using either one. However, there are slight differences in movement controls and user interactions.

Development of Odyssey VR
This indie adventure game was developed and will develop along the way. It was developed mostly in the Finnish Virtual Reality Association in Helsinki, who donated working spaces and an opportunity to develop, test and gather feedback for the game. Now, we would like to receive feedback, to learn and do better. We believe that outer space and science is something we all could participate in, do research for, dream about, travel to, and wonder about. May the eternal flame guide you!

Title: Odyssey VR – The Deep Space Expedition Download MAC
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Developer: Juho Kastemaa
Publisher: TouchDown Creations
Release Date: 29 Nov, 2017

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